Our Standards

We want to ensure that:

Distributors are informed, supported and confident in their role.

Service users receive the same service, no matter where they choose to obtain their condoms.

  • Orders are prioritized by the Free Condoms service team
    The Free Condoms service team will place orders with our supplier (currently Pasante) on the day the order is made.  Our supplier endeavours to deliver stock direct to each distributor within 10 working days.  Distributors are responsible for maintaining stock levels and placing orders with the Free Condoms team.
  • Support to distributors is prioritized by the Free Condoms service
    The Free Condoms service team is available by telephone or e-mail during office hours; Monday to Friday should you wish to discuss any issues.
  • Training and support for distributors is available in various forms
    The Free Condoms service team will ensure that information and training will be made available in a variety of formats which will suit the needs of all distributors.  A range of training and support options are available including on-site training and web based support.
  • The Free Condoms service is actively publicised and promoted
    The Free Condoms team will ensure that the service is promoted in order to ensure that priority groups are aware that Free Condoms are available.  Due to the large number of agencies involved in condom distribution over a large geographic area we cannot print lists of distribution points.  However, all 'open access' distributors will be promoted on the Free Condoms web-site.  Distributors are asked to actively promote the service on their premises by displaying posters, window stickers, and choice cards for service users.
  • The Free Condoms service is accessible to all target groups
    Links will be made with agencies that have contact with target groups for condom distribution.  Distribution points are located in a range of venues across NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde.  Open access venues should be accessible to service users with physical impairments where possible.  Distributors will ensure that condoms are available at all times during their opening hours and that service users feel welcome and are treated with dignity and respect. 
  • The Free Condoms service is available through a range of agencies
    The Free Condoms service team will strive to improve the service by increasing the range of agencies/venues where free condoms and lubricant can be accessed. This will also include organisations who are in contact with more vulnerable individuals for example, drug and alcohol services, homeless services etc.   
  • The Free Condoms service is available across a range of location
    The Free Condoms service team will endeavour to ensure that all geographic areas across the NHSGGC area have local access to Free Condoms.
  • The Free Condoms service is easy to access
    The Free Condoms service will operate on a basis whereby service users can access condoms discreetly and confidentially with minimum discussion.  The only exception to this would be in circumstances where child protection concerns were evident. The Free Condoms service does not require services users to register and/or give personal details, acknowledging this may act as a barrier for service uptake.  Therefore, this service does not require distributors to record personal details.
  • Staff involved in condom distribution are accepting and non-judgmental
    Service users view that the attitude of the staff at the distributing venue is important.  It is important that service users have a good experience that will ensure they will continue to use it. Staff will be knowledgeable, trained, accepting and non judgmental.
  • Confidentiality and anonymity are central to service provision
    Confidentiality is of upmost importance to service users.  Distributors may wish to consider including a private space for any discussion with service users.  Distributors will ensure that confidentiality is a priority in all cases (however, should the service user be under the age of 16 and there are concerns about his/her wellbeing then information may be shared).
  • Child protection issues are recognised and referred to appropriate agencies
    The Free Condoms service provides guidance for distributing to condoms to under 16s.  Staff involved in condom distribution should be aware of appropriate action including referral routes.
  • Complaints will be responded to and corrective action will be taken
    The Free Condoms service team encourages distributors, service users and anyone else to provide comment on the service.  Any complaints will be dealt with in accordance with NHSGGC procedures.