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No, condoms are delivered to your premises pre-wrapped and sealed into discreet packs of 12 (clinic and eco packs are available to some of the agencies we provide to).

You can provide condoms to anyone who requests them aged 13 and over. Please refer to our Under 16s sections for further guidance.

You can provide condoms to under 16s (13-15 years).  There is guidance to assist you on this and includes checking that there are no concerns regarding their health or wellbeing. You can find out more in the Under 16s section of our website.

Condoms should not be supplied to a young person aged 12 or under.

There are different types of support and information sessions available including face to face and online.  Take a look at the Information and Support section of our website for more information.

Yes, we can supply you with choice cards, posters and window stickers.  Take a look at the Resources section of our website for more information.  Just email any requests to freecondoms@ggc.scot.nhs.uk.



No, you will not be asked to keep records or monitor demand.  Free Condoms may contact you from time to time if we notice you haven't ordered for a while.

Your order can be made of a selection of products depending on your local demand.  There are no maximum order quantities although we would prefer if you didn't order in bulk to assist us with stock monitoring and avoid wastage.

We aim for a maximum ten day turnaround from order to delivery; however, in exceptional circumstances we may be able to provide a faster service.