Lubricant - What's Available

Lubricant is provided in 10ml sachets packed into plain white bags.  Each bag contains 12 sachets of lubricant.   The bags are sealed with a label which has the product code and use-by-date printed on it.  Please note; lubricant has a relatively short shelf life.

Lubricant should always be used for anal sex. The anus has no natural lubrication so using lubricant will reduce the chance of the condom tearing or bursting. Make sure you always use a water based lubricant. Lubricant can be used during vaginal sex if dryness is an issue.

There are 2 types of lubricant available and both are water based.  You can use our lubricants with both latex and latex free condoms.  Please note that some types of lubricants are oil based (for example baby oil, massage oil and petroleum jelly) and will destroy latex condoms. 

The following products are available:


Clear Lubricant

Light Lube is a water based formula for gentle lubrication.  Clear, odourless and non-staining, it is long lasting and can be reactivated with a few drops of water.  CE approved. 100% Paraben free.

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Clear Lubricant

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