What if I am under 16?

You can pick up Free Condoms if you are aged 13-15 but you will be asked a few additional questions because your safety and health is especially important to us.  Venue staff members need to be confident that there are no concerns to your health, safety and wellbeing before they give you condoms.  They need to be sure that you fully consent to sexual activity and aren't being pressurised in any way.

You might be asked:

  • The age of you and your partner?
  • How long you have been together?
  • Are you happy with your decision to have sex?
  • Do you know how to use condoms correctly?
  • Do you understand any potential risks?
  • Are there any concerns about your health, safety or wellbeing?

For information on young people including services visit youngpeoples.sandyford.org.  You can also find out about Youth Health Services for young people.  For more information visit www.yhs-ng.co.uk. 

We won't supply condoms to anyone aged 12 or under.